Why Futsal Academy

The Metros Futsal Academy's main goal is to provide an environment that is fun, challenging, and conducive to learning Futsal. The skills learned will easily translate to the outdoor game. Our hope is that each individual player will enjoy learning the game, which in turn will result in a deeper appreciation of the game and foster a desire to experiment and practice on their own.

The emphasis will be on technical skills such as ball control, passing, and the ability to control the ball in tight and small spaces. Competence in these skills will create a player that is more confident, more willing to take chances, and one that is more creative. Combining all these elements will result in a player that will enjoy the game even more.

Advantages of Futsal

  • Provides more touches of the ball (200% more when compared to indoor soccer)
  • Provides an active environment
  • Eliminates down time or inactivity
  • Keeps player constantly engaged in the game
  • Provides multiple opportunities to score
  • Small sided game
  • The game becomes the Teacher
  • Promotes Quick Decision Making
  • Increases ball control
  • Promotes player movement on court/field
  • Fun and Fast


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